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Why Stem

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STEM is a game-changer: for our students and our state.

STEM = opportunity. STEM isn’t just for scientists and engineers. From Puget Sound to Yakima valley, Washington’s economy is rooted in STEM. It’s simple: in the 21st century, STEM opens doors for every student to succeed.

We’re facing a STEM shortage. In the past ten years, STEM jobs have grown three times faster than non-STEM jobs. Yet too few of our students see STEM’s power or possibilities.

It’s time to shift STEM into high gear. Right now, we have an unprecedented window of opportunity to reimagine STEM education. Our kids can’t wait and neither can our state. But together, we can change the game.

The Challenge

Why STEM? Why Now?

The facts speak for themselves. In the 21st Century, STEM = opportunity. We won't rest until every student in Washington is prepared to succeed in our STEM-driven economy.

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Why Washington?

Washington voters know STEM = Opportunity

In Jan. 2013, Washington STEM commissioned a public opinion survey to better understand public perceptions of STEM. The results are clear: There is nearly a universal perception that STEM skills enhance opportunity and economic vitality.

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Our Approach

We’re building a STEM movement

We are reimagining and revitalizing STEM education across Washington. We take an entrepreneurial approach to our work by incubating breakthrough ideas in STEM teaching and learning, investing in communities to seed STEM Networks, scaling promising practices across the state, and building a STEM movement to advocate for policy change.

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We’re walking the talk. And getting results, statewide.

Washington STEM is advancing a shared vision of excellence, equity, and innovation in STEM education. We will be successful when all students in Washington are STEM literate, prepared for and succeed in post-secondary STEM pathways, and obtain family wage-earning jobs.

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