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South Central STEM Network

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South Central STEM Network

The South Central STEM Network spans Yakima and Kittitas counties and parts of Klickitat and Grant counties, as well as several school districts located on the Yakama Nation Reservation. The region has rapidly changing business and industry needs, including growing activity in renewable energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and a rich agricultural community. The network will bring to light the many career opportunities available, preparing its diverse students for family wage-earning jobs in the area, and bolster communities’ ability to strengthen their local economies and play a larger role in the global economy.

  1. Assist students to develop the critical reasoning and problem solving skills that will make them the most productive in the world

  2. Create an environment where the private sector and business community collaborate to support STEM learning.

  3. Strengthen human, financial, and physical resources available to local schools for STEM learning.

  4. Increase the knowledge of and interest in STEM education and careers for all students so they can see themselves in the STEM workforce.

  5. Develop a strong STEM teacher workforce through effective teacher preparation and professional development.

Investments in South Central Washington

Learn more about the grants Washington STEM has made in South Central Washington.


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