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Washington STEM is a leader in the movement to advance STEM education, partnering with local and national groups, and a growing multistate network. Our goal is to lead the STEM charge in Washington State, and serve as a model for innovative thinking and action for STEM organizations nationwide.


In June 2012 Washington joined thirteen other states in launching STEMx, a multistate network for the states, by the states dedicated to improving STEM education. Today, STEMx is a nationwide coalition of 19 member states. It provides a platform for states to share and spread best practices aimed at increasing student achievement in STEM; expanding the capacity, number and diversity of high-quality STEM educators; and mobilizing states and communities to advocate for STEM. STEMx is managed by BattelleEd, a venture of Battelle, which builds and manages STEM innovations and networks. Dig Deeper


Washington STEM is proud to partner with STEMConnector, a one-stop shop for STEM advocates with town halls, special projects, social media, and more. Their online hub provides best practices including state report cards and STEMdaily, a STEM news curation delivered to your inbox and featured on our website. Read More

Change The Equation

Change the Equation (CTEq) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, CEO-led initiative that is mobilizing the business community to improve the quality of science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning in the United States. CTEq’s coalition of over 100 members strives to sustain a national movement to improve PreK-12 STEM learning by leveraging and expanding its work focusing on three goals: improving philanthropy, inspiring youth, and advocating for change. In 2012, Washington STEM partnered with CTEq to release Vital Signs 2012, a state-by-state report on STEM education and the workforce. Download Washington state’s 2012 Vital Signs report and Washington STEM’s press release with key recommendations, get key talking points about what the data means for Washington, and watch the national Town Hall release event here. Washington State Vital Signs Report

Common Core State Standards

The new K-12 Common Core State Standards in Math and English Language Arts – adopted by Washington and 45 other states – foster critical thinking, teach STEM concepts and applications, and prepare students for college and careers after they graduate high school. Read More

Next Generation Science Standards

Washington state became the 8th state to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards in October 2013. Washington was one of 26 lead states chosen to develop the Next Generation Science Standards, which clearly define the content and skills students will need to learn from kindergarten through 12th grade. Other lead states include: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, and West Virginia. Read More

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