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West Sound STEM Network

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West Sound STEM Network

Despite the West Sound’s remote, mostly rural location, much of our local economy is heavily dependent upon a STEM-skilled workforce. The presence of highly technical military-related facilities and the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, combined with the historical natural resource based industries, predisposes the region a need to focus on STEM. Puget Sound’s urban center, filled with rich STEM opportunities, is a commutable distance thanks to ferries and a bridge. Our community has the potential to provide many STEM opportunities and resources to schools, but has unique constraints that make it more challenging to interface with schools. The West Sound STEM network will act as a hub that effectively connects schools with the STEM community, allowing for efficient and equitable use of local resources for the benefit of all.

Photo by Zack Heistand

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“STEM literacy is the foundation

for students who are well-prepared for STEM advanced learning and careers. It is critical to provide STEM opportunities for all children, beginning in preschool and the elementary grades."

-Karen Lippy, West Sound STEM Coordinator

Investments in West Sound

Learn more about the grants Washington STEM has made in the West Sound.

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