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Share STEM

Across the country, there is unprecedented momentum to reimagine STEM education to revitalize our communities and ensure our national economic vitality. National momentum has created a window of opportunity.

Here in Washington, education, business, political leaders and local communities have come together to make STEM education a priority. While progress is being made, we can do more to prepare the next generation for the opportunities of tomorrow. We can’t leave any talent on the table; we need to ignite the imaginations and capacities of all students in Washington. We must close the growing gap between the skills people have in our state and the skills our economy requires. The vitality of our communities and our state depends on our ability to power student success in STEM.

Washington STEM was conceived to take on this challenge. Launched in March 2011, Washington STEM is advancing a shared vision of excellence, equity, and innovation in STEM education.

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