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We're putting STEM in Action in Washington, and beyond.

We believe STEM equals opportunity for our students, our communities, and our state. Despite the importance of STEM to Washington’s prosperity, we have a growing STEM skills gap.

Washington STEM tackles this challenge by driving innovation and improvement in STEM education. We launched in March 2011 with support from the business, education, and philanthropic communities.

Our mission: Washington STEM advances excellence, equity, and innovation in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education for all Washington students.

Our vision: Successful students. Thriving communities. And a vibrant Washington State.

We take an entrepreneurial approach to our work by nurturing and scaling promising practices in STEM teaching and learning, investing in communities to seed STEM Networks, and advocating for important policy changes.

We aim to lead the STEM charge in Washington State, and serve as a model for innovative thinking and action for STEM organizations nationwide.

Join us and pass along the power of STEM.

Washington STEM TEAM

Our team brings together passionate and dedicated individuals committed to the mission of advancing excellence, equity, and innovation in STEM education.



Washington STEM Board of Directors

Our board of directors champions our mission and provides strategic leadership and fiduciary and legal oversight.

Board Officers

Board Bios


Financial transparency is key to successful collaboration and to building long-term relationships with stakeholders.

Finance Reports

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