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We're putting STEM in Action in Washington, and beyond.

Our mission: Washington STEM advances excellence, equity, and innovation in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education for all Washington students.

Our vision: Successful students. Thriving communities. And a vibrant Washington state.

Young people grow up in Washington surrounded by a thriving STEM economy, yet they don't always receive the support they need to participate. If they’re students of color, girls, or rural students, they’re more likely to face disparities.

At Washington STEM we work to increase STEM access, interest, and success for all students. We nurture and scale breakthrough ideas in STEM education and learning, engage in regional, cross-sector partnerships, and advocate for important policy changes to increase student success. We focus our efforts on four key initiatives: computer science, early math, science & engineering, and career-connected learning.

Our goal is to position all young people as “future ready” community members - people with the technical and critical skills needed to thrive in today’s jobs and create and excel in the unknown jobs of tomorrow; people who exemplify opportunity and create shared prosperity for our communities.

Join us to support STEM in Washington state.

Washington STEM TEAM

Our team brings together passionate and dedicated individuals committed to the mission of advancing excellence, equity, and innovation in STEM education.



Washington STEM Board of Directors

Our board of directors champions our mission and provides strategic leadership and fiduciary and legal oversight.

Board Officers

Board Bios


Financial transparency is key to successful collaboration and to building long-term relationships with stakeholders.

Finance Reports

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